Supreme NodeJS Course – For Beginners

Complete NodeJS Course. Learn express,MongoDB,Chat and Many More..

Course Description

Welcome to the Supreme Node js Course – Build Awesome Projects

Learn everything to become Pro in Node Js. this course is more hands on so that you can learn fast and easily.Node Js is a platform built on Chrome’s Javascript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network application.

Learn Node Js in 1 week or less. i guarantee that you will learn every details to be ready in Development Industry

What will you get in this Course?

  1. Create your first App
  2. Create your first web server
  3. REPL
  4. Command Line
  5. Console
  6. Crypto
  7. File System
  8. Buffer
  9. Module
  10. Global Objects
  11. readline
  12. Chat System
  13. Express
  14. Access Assets via Express
  15. Express Generator
  16. Jade
  17. MongoDB
  18. CRUD( Create Read Update Delete)
  19. NPM Libraries

Get this course today and be life changing careers.

The quicker you get this course the quicker gain Supreme Node Js course.

Thank You 😀

What are the requirements?

  • student need to know the basic of javascript.
  • Basic CSS
  • Basic Html
  • Basic Computer skills

What am I going to get from this course?

  • they will learn everthing about Node js from the scratch
  • They can be ready for development industry
  • They can create there own website and start for business

Who is the target audience?

  • everyone who wants to be Node Js Developer
  • everyone who wants to be badass Javascript Developer
  • hardworking student

Full Details : [ Take Course Now ]

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