Getting Started with Python Bitcoin Programming

Simplified Python programming for Bitcoin and Blockchain


Everybody in tech has heard of Bitcoin — the powerful cryptocurrency that’s changing the face of online payments. But with so much hype and so many new concepts, it’s hard to know where to begin.

This friendly video course will cut through the complexity, and show you how to build Bitcoin-driven applications with Python. First, you will be shown how programming in Bitcoin and Blockchain is done using Python. Packed with clear instructions and practical examples, you’ll discover how to write Python code that works with the world-changing cryptocurrency. Then you will see how to earn Bitcoins programmatically by building your very own Bitcoin trading bot. you’ll be able to build software that mines Bitcoin, accepts Bitcoin payments, and works with Blockchain technology to create distributed ledgers.

By the end of the course, you will also be able to carry out Bitcoin Data Analysis using Python.

About the Author :

Harish Garg is a Data Analyst, author, and Software Developer who is really passionate about Data Science and the Python programming language. He is a graduate from Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree program. He has 17 years of industry experience, which includes data analysis using Python, developing and testing enterprise and consumer software, managing projects and software teams, and creating training material and tutorials. Harish also worked for 11 years for Intel Security (previously McAfee, Inc.).

He regularly contributes articles and tutorials on data analysis and Python. He is also active in the open data community and is a contributing member of the Data4Democracy open data initiative. He has written data analysis pieces for think tan takshashila.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anybody with some Python experience who wants to explore Python Bitcoin programming, and start building Bitcoin-driven Python apps, will find this course indispensable

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