Full stack Universal React with Redux, Express and MongoDB

Learn full stack Client and Universal React with Redux, Node.js, Express, MongoDB and build and entire Shopping-cart


Did you start learning React but you are struggling you are struggling to grasp the most import concepts such as: Redux, server-side rendering or how to build your own API?

In this Course you will learn:

  • how to develop scalable web applications by managing the “state” in Redux
  • how to implement Universal or Isomorphic React applications to maximise performance and SEO compliancy
  • how to build APIs with Node-Express.js and MongoDB
  • How to deploy your app to AWS (Amazon Web Services) or to Heroku.

Initially, I will be focusing on explaining the concepts and patters in React.js and writing the bear minimum code to make easier for you to absorb all new notions without distraction, but later in the course you will write an entire React.js Shopping-cart application from scratch.

It will give you the opportunity to consolidate all your learnings in a challenging project!

By developing an entire shopping-cart, you will be exposed to the most critical patterns in React.js web development allowing you to build complex and scalable web application on your own after the course.

This course is not for absolute beginners, besides a basic knowledge of html and javascript the students must to have a good understanding of “state” and “props” in React.

In principle, if you are able to write a basic “To-do” app in React, you will not encounter any problem on understanding the lectures and benefit from the course.

Who is the target audience?
  • Someone who started learning React but finds difficult to grasp some of the critical topics to build an entire app independently
  • Someone who wants to learn server-side rendering and build Universal or Isomorphic React app
  • Someone who wants to understand most critical patterns for building an e-commerce

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