2 Online Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Earn Money!

2 Online Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Earn Money!

2 Online Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Earn Money!

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Building a list is the first approach for earning money online.

This is the most critical strategy for long-term profitability. If you do not already have an autoreponder system, you should invest in one. Avoid being stingy here as well, as your entire organisation is dependent on this single piece of software.

There are numerous approaches to construct your list. You can purchase leads from trustworthy list building services and import them directly into your autoresponder. Most reputable list building services will send an email to your autoresponder on your behalf, eliminating the need for you to manually enter the lead’s information.

Another efficient strategy is to grow your list through website visitors. This stage, which is likely the most effective, does necessitate the creation of a website in order to create an opt-in list form. Of course, if your Affiliate programme includes a list management service, you can direct traffic to the affiliate URL; however, I do not advocate it because you will typically be unable to email the full list with special offers.

To maximise the effectiveness of your opt-in form and increase signups, incorporate it within the language of your sales page. It should be appropriately placed following a problem presentation in the sales text. Your autoresponder email series’s title should address the issue by proposing a remedy. In the example below, we’ll imagine that I’m selling a hosting package and that I’d like to get opt-in subscribers for my email course in order to increase back-end sales.

For instance, you can utilise one of the pre-built websites or create one from scratch. While many believe that constructing a website is difficult, I can demonstrate how simple it truly is. Consider enrolling in my ten-day email course, “Build a Website with Ease”[signup form here].

The second method of earning money online is via increasing website visitors.

When I say traffic, I don’t mean random traffic; I mean targeted traffic, people who are motivated and ready to buy. This type of traffic can and will generate revenue for you. To drive targeted traffic to your website, you can leverage programmes and strategies such as Google Adwords, blogging, article authoring, and linking. GoogleAdwords is a service provided by Google that allows you to pay to have your website displayed when specific keywords are searched in their search engine.

The trick to Adwords success is to avoid bidding excessively on popular keywords. Rather than that, you seek out synonyms for your website that are still often used. These keywords will be far less expensive to bid on, allowing you to spread your budget across a large number of distinct keywords, maximising your ROI. This useful little tool can help you locate keywords that are similar: http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/

Another effective method of driving targeted visitors to your website is through blogging. To maximise the effectiveness of this method, the blog should be housed on the same website as the sales page that has a link to your affiliate network. Once your blog is configured, all that remains is to populate it with high-quality content.

I advocate creating original material that is relevant to your affiliate programme and/or products. After you’ve created some material, publish your RSS feed to as many blog search engines as possible. This publishes your blog for usage as content feeds on other webmasters’ websites.

This win-win situation enables webmasters to have high-quality material on their website, so increasing its value and directing targeted traffic right to you.

This is accomplished through the URL link you simply placed beneath your name following the completion of the blog. That implies your link will appear on thousands of websites via a blog feed. Not only do people click on those links, but Google sees them going back to you and believes you’re popular, rewarding you with a higher page rank.

Article writing is similar to blogging in that the information contained in an article must be more valuable and peppered with keywords that webmasters seek. After you’ve finished writing your article, you’ll send it to content sites rather than blog search engines (syndication).

Webmasters visit content sites to locate niche content to give their readers. If you are a talented writer, you may eventually establish a name for yourself and negotiate an agreement with a webmaster to produce exclusive content for his site. His subscribers receive incredible unique content, while you receive highly motivated targeted traffic.

Perhaps the most often used method of improving traffic and page rank is link building. However, if done incorrectly, you risk damaging your Google page rank and eventually losing potential buyers. This strategy requires a personal website, as it requires a ‘links’ page on which to add your reciprocal connections.

Many people go to link farms and submit their URL links in an attempt to fool Google into giving them a higher page rank. This is not effective; in fact, Google has been known to punish websites that engage in these practises.

The trick to linking is to identify websites in your niche market that have a Google page rank of four or higher and entice the webmaster to include your link on their website. You may believe you are assisting your competitors, and you are correct. However, your adversary would assist you as well. It’s preferable to route exit traffic to a partner rather to simply have them close their browser window, and this is true in both directions.

The tactics outlined in this post really work, and when implemented properly, they will improve your sales and residuals. Reciprocal linking, blogging, and article writing are all excellent methods for attracting large quantities of targeted traffic to your website. When combined with an efficient sales page and an integrated opt-in email list, these methods may propel your business to new heights. Guaranteed! You can and will profit from this system!


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