Vector Logo Design in Affinity Designer

Learn from a published, award winning, logo design professional!


Do you want to discover how professionals design PROPER logos with minimal hassle and learning?

I’m Daniel Evans.

I’m a multi award winning, published logo designer and I earn my living designing logos and the majority of every penny I’ve ever made has came from logo design.

I’m going to teach you the entire steps of professional logo design from concept to finished, digitised product using Affinity Designer!

From start to finish, leaving no stones unturned! We’re going to explore every tool and primary feature in Affinity Designer which we’ll use to weave solid business brands that make good money!

From the ground up, you’re going to discover every step as we explore extraction of concept from mind to masterpiece!

If you want to learn the tricks of professional logo design in Affinity Designer and amaze people with your skills, I can have you achieve this lightening quick!

Those who succeed take the next step! Those who suceed, find that it’s easy!

Join us today and I’ll teach you how to design proper, professional logos faster than you ever imagined!

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners who haven’t used Affinity Designer.
  • Anyone who wishes to learn the process of professional logo design.

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