Reactive JavaScript Programming

Optimize your coding skills with Reactive JavaScript Programming


This video is a combination of the following three aspects:

  • Introduction to Reactive Programming + Rx in Depth.
  • Need for going Reactive, Understanding Event Streams, Getting familiar with APIs, and Building a BMI Calculator App.
  • Introduce Rx concepts and similar APIs across many languages, Covering the necessary operators, Examples of Operators and Streams.
  • Building a stopwatch app
  • Building an Autocomplete search box with Rx.
  • Creating operators and performing various operations such as transform, filter, combine, and error handling.

About the Author

I Shriyans Bhatnagar use Rx.js on a daily basis in work, mostly combining it with React and redux. Being a full stack developer, I often find myself using Rx on Node too. Playing around with a few Reactive libraries—RxJs, most.js, and, bacon.js—and Reactive frameworks such as cycle.js, I absolutely love writing functional Reactive code. I am an avid fan of pure functional programming. I have played around with Haskell, elm, and erlang quite a lot and have some experience writing clojureScript. These days I really dig ReasonML (a new interface to OCaml by Facebook).
I started out as a backend engineer writing Ruby applications using rails, but I quickly moved on to using JavaScript for both the backend and frontend. My hobby projects vary from making Node-powered bots using Johnny-Five with the Arduino to machine-learning projects using Python libraries such as Scikit and Tensorflow. But, ultimately, I truly love building user interfaces and providing a good user experience.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course assumes viewers are at least slightly familiar with JS in browsers and in Node.

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