Python Algo Trading: FX Trading with Oanda

Create your own FX algo trading system using the Oanda platform and leverage on the power of Python.


In this course you will learn how to develop your own currency pairs, CFDs, and commodities automated trading system using Python and the Oanda v1 REST API. At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of Python and its ecosystem
  • Utilise Oanda platform and its API
  • Extract live market rates
  • Download a list of tradable instruments (currency pairs, CFDs, and commodities) on the Oanda Platform
  • Obtain account information, margin utilised, open orders, open trades, realized and unrealized profit and loss
  • Create and manage open orders
  • Perform trade management (monitor, modify or close)
  • Perform aggregate position management (monitor, modify or close)
  • Download transaction history for further analysis
  • Stream live market rates

Please note that this course will not teach you how to use Python. It assumed a certain level of competency with Python and in particular Jupyter Notebook. The course teaches you how to extract market data, and many key information from Oanda. It does NOT cover trading strategies nor does it teach you how to make money from trading fx.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is interested in using Python to conduct algorithmic and systematic trading
  • Anyone who is interested in trading FX, CFDs and commodities
  • Students who would like to learn how to utilise Oanda API to trade
  • Do not want to monitor the markets in a 24-7 manner and remove emotions from trading

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