Professional iOS Chat App with Social Login using Firebase 3

Learn to build high-quality, full-function iOS chat apps to serve millions of users.

Course Description

Half of this awesome course is FREE

We are happy to offer a half of the course for FREE. We strongly recommend you to go through the free lectures before deciding to join us. 😀

This course is about becoming professional

This course teaches you to build a complete messaging app at an industry-standard level, which can be published on the app store right away to serve millions of people. The course spirit is to equips you with good coding practices and intuitive, high-level thinking, which are crucial in becoming a professional developer.

You will build the must-have feature backed by the must-learn framework

In this course, you’ll learn to build a pretty, full-function messaging app which lets users sign in with their social network accounts, and send text, photo, and video messages. During the course, you’ll learn how to use Firebase to handle real-time data and synchronize media data such as photos and videos. The course also helps you to easily integrate chat functionality into your own apps, which is a must in publishing an app these days.

You know the what and why of every single line of code

The course equips you with good coding practices and intuitive, high level thinking, which are crucial in becoming a decent developer. Each module or lecture starts with a clear roadmap to help you see the big picture and how each element fits in. Every step or line of code is well-motivated and followed by intuitive explanations. At anytime during the course, you will be able to fully aware of what you are doing and why you are doing that.

You will master the hottest backend service and messaging library in the hottest programming language

In this course, we’ll teach you to build a full-function iOS messaging app using the JSQMessagesViewController library. The app will be written in Swift programming language with the new Firebase backend. We focus on helping you to write clean and extensible code so that you can build your own chat apps with various database and backend services, or integrate the chat functionality into your own apps.

JSQMessagesViewController is a open-source iOS messaging library that becomes increasingly popular recently. It offers ready-to-use messaging features which can be easily integrated into your apps. You’ll learn to use JSQMessagesViewController to build complete chat apps that allow users to send media messages such as photos and videos with thumbnails.

Firebase is a mobile-backend-as-a-service that provides several features for building powerful mobile apps. Firebase has three core services: a realtime database, user authentication and hosting. With the Firebase iOS SDK, you can use these services to build powerful apps without writing a single line of server code.

Firebase offers unlimited possibilities to sync your apps data to the cloud for storing and protection. When a Firebase database updates, all connected users receive updates in realtime automatically. With Firebase, power is in your hands – without learning other languages or frameworks.

What are the requirements?

  • You need a Mac, with XCode 7 installed (which is free).

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Build professional iOS messaging apps which can be published on the app store right away.
  • Best coding practices and intuitive, high-level thinking to become a great iOS developer
  • Know how to use the new Firebase to back realtime iOS apps.
  • Use Firebase to Implement a complete authentication system supporting social login such as Google Sign-In.
  • Master Firebase storage and synchronization features to store and synchronize media data for realtime applications.
  • Design attractive UI for iOS apps.

Who is the target audience?

  • Who know a bit of iOS programming but still don’t know how to build a complete, viable iOS app.
  • Anyone who wants to learn iOS programming.
  • Anyone who wants to turn ideas into professional apps that can serve millions of users.

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