Practical Web Programming 101

Build A Functional, End To End Website!


Why take this course?

Three main reasons:

1. It’s taught by an experienced programmer who can show you the kinds of unique insights no other person here can

2. To become GREAT at web development, you have to learn how to integrate multiple skills. This course does just that.

3. You will acquire years worth of skills and insights in only 10.5 hours

In this course, Erik, who’s been doing website development for nearly two decades, demonstrates how  to integrate a suite of powerful technologies to build an interactive and fully functional modern website. This website has features like order placing, real time order tracking, and  more! You’ll learn how to use each of the following technologies like an coding hero:

1. JavaScript, used to add dynamic features to the website

2. CSS, used to layout the website

3. C#, used to power the backend of the website

4. HTML, used to structure the overall web pages

5. SQL Lite, used as an information storage system

6. IIS, used as a web server

7. jQuery, used as a way of making interactive pages

8. JSON, used to transfer information

9. Website design you can use in your own professional website

Thanks for reading, and if you’re ready to push your skills much higher, JOIN TODAY!


1. jQuery is a trademark of the JS foundation. This course is not affiliated with the JS foundation.

2. Parts of promo licensed from presentermedia

Who is the target audience?
  • Someone who wants to know how things are connected on the web

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