Microsoft SQL Server and Database concepts

Complete step by step guide for Microsoft SQL with practical examples. No prior knowledge on SQL/DataBase is required


SQL – Structured Query language is used to communicate with DataBase , it is the standard language for relational database management systems.

Instructor – Kumar  Having 9+ years of experience as SQL DBA Developer , BI Developer  on very big  large projects. He shared all of his 9 yrs experience through this SQL course.  This course is suitable for all audience even without DB knowledge.

******SQL is a necessary skill for  Testers , Developers , DB Administrators and others in IT field*****

********Complete step by step guide with practical examples. No prior knowledge on SQL/DataBase  is required*********

As part of this course you will learn below topics

  • What is Data & Its types
  • Various Database Types  – DBMS & RDBMS
  • Creating database
  • Creating Tables – Adding data and deleting data
  • Constraints – Primary key , foriegn key  , nulletc
  • Joins – Inner , Left ,Right, Full
  • Functions – Scalar & Table Valued functions
  • Views – Create , Alter , Drop
  • Indexes
  • Store procedures
  • Triggers – DDL , DML & Logon
Who is the target audience?
  • Students who want to learn SQL and Database concepts
  • Graduates looking for carrier in IT
  • Those looking for carrier as Database Developer/Database Administrators/ Database Testers

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