Master LibGDX Java Game Development and Beyond Volume Three

Learn how to develop and design your games effectively with LibGDX Java Game Framework

Course Description

This course is completely project based, and we are going to create fully featured games from scratch using different techniques that LibGDX offers.

Some basic knowledge of LibGDX is required (for example how to use Camera, Viewport, Batch).

If there are any problems or questions that you encounter i will try to respond as fast as possible with as much details as i can, sometimes I may ask you to send me your code which will make it a lot easier to help you. That way you will benefit even more from this course.

All project files will be included and you are free to use them for anything that you like, personal or commercial use. Through the course we will create utilities that will help us to debug games, all utilities can be used in personal and commercial projects. The only limitation is that you cannot use assets or material from this course to create another course.

Lets take a look at the games and what are we going to learn inside of this course.

First we will create Arkanoid clone which I call Brick Breaker. Goal of this game is to break bricks and keep ball in game. The game features pickups or powerups that player can collect. Through this game we will create so called “scripting” API so you can attach “script” (custom behavior) to game objects which will give you easy and modular way to create new powerups for your game.

This course will teach you how to create and use Particle Effects to create nice and juicy effects for your games like explosions or fireworks.

Through the course you will learn how to create fancy screen transitions which can be displayed when changing screens. Screen Transitions will be written in a modular way so later you can easily create new screen transitions for your next game for example fade, scale.

You will learn different techniques of game development so in your future games you can start with any technique that is best for your game.

After learning different techniques you will be equipped with more than enough knowledge to continue improving yourself in the field of game development using LibGDX Java Game Framework. You will be able to create your own games and game prototypes from scratch.

After completing course you will have small module that you can extend and reuse in your future games.

If you ever had an idea for great game, then enroll in this course and get knowledge that you need to develop your next game.

In this course you will find useful exercises.

What are the requirements?

  • Basic Java Programming Knowledge
  • Basic Object Oriented Knowledge
  • Basic LibGDX Knowledge is useful (Camera, Viewport, Batch)
  • Android Studio
  • Java Development Kit

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand how to write modular screen transitions
  • Understand how to create reusable components for future game development
  • Understand how to create modules for your games
  • Understand asset loading and master asset management
  • Understand how to create particle effects
  • Understand how to use particle effects
  • Understand how to write clean and maintainable code
  • Use gained skills to create new games from scratch
  • Understand how to reuse code from your previous games
  • Make games from scratch using LibGDX Framework
  • Understand how to check collision between game objects and react on collision
  • Understand how to create User Interfaces for in game menus
  • Understand different techniques of game development and find what technique is best for your next game
  • Understand how to write code in reusable way
  • Understand how LibGDX works
  • Understand how to clean up and refactor code
  • Understand how to work with frame buffer objects
  • Use Java to solve complicated programming problems
  • Understand how to debug your code when there are problems
  • Understand how to deal with common exceptions and errors

Who is the target audience?

  • Suited for LibGDX Beginners and Advanced users
  • Suited for students that want to learn LibGDX
  • Suited for students that want to learn how to write maintainable code
  • Not suited for students that do not have basic programming knowledge and basic OOP knowledge

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