Master Google Chrome Developer Tools

The Complete 2017 Guide to Building Beautiful, Fast, and Bug Free Web Applications with Google Chrome DevTools


Do you want to become an expert web developer?

I’ve worked with tons of different platforms from PC to Playstation, and nothing beats the power of Google Chrome Developer Tools. Let’s take advantage of that.

This course is the comprehensive guide to DevTools. We start with simple styling examples, and use tools like the colorpicker and box shadow editor to design our pages. But we move quickly to advanced topics like using the Audits panel to understand slow page performance, and the memory panel to understand why our app might be leaking memory.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll be able to achieve after taking this class:

  • Add advanced styling with built-in editors like the animations panel and the transitions editor.
  • Using six different breakpoint techniques, you’ll be able to understand and debug any piece of javascript code.
  • Analyze network calls, and even hack the dinner reservation system on Yelp.
  • Speed up your page load speeds with Audits and Lighthouse to make your site blazingly fast.
  • Profile and fix rendering, CPU and memory bottlenecks.

Every minute of this course provides valuable information and there is minimal repetition and typing. The course was built in 2017 with a prerelease version of Chrome and even demonstrates the use of experimental features such as Workspaces 2.0.

For the beginners, I start slow, but work quickly towards advanced usage, and for the experts, I’ve made sure to sprinkle in original techniques to improve your web pages that can’t be found anywhere else.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with an interest in taking their web development skills to the next level.
  • Developers / Programmers / Software Engineers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Artists
  • Project / Product Managers

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