Learning Path: Cloud 9: Code and Deploy Java Apps on Cloud 9

Take the scalability of your apps to cloud 9 with Java 9 Native Cloud IDE


Cloud 9 is an online IDE which is used to develop applications on the go. It provides the setup that you need, instantly. The main advantage of Cloud 9 is that you can access your code anywhere, using any web browser. Also you can share your environment with other developers for code review without the environment being set up on the developer’s machine. If you want to ease your Java application development, then go for this Learning Path.

In this Learning Path, you will learn to set up Cloud 9 with various other processes such as configuration of Cloud 9, build Java programs, and work with many more features. You will also learn how to install Google’s app engine to design and build apps for Google Cloud that can scale without limits.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will have gained skills to efficiently develop and deploy your Java applications on Cloud 9.

About the Author

Brett Hooper is a well-seasoned software engineer, entrepreneur, teacher, and all-around techno-surfer. His decades of experience have taken him from years of IT consulting for Fortune 100 behemoths, to a number of entrepreneurial start-up efforts, to the U.S. Dept of Defense in defining their way forward in mobile and web-related technologies. Brett’s excitement in learning, implementing, and teaching new, interesting development frameworks, stacks, and services is never waning and keeps him heads-down more than not. He develops new teaching content from his AlohaCodeWorks headquarters in beautiful Maui, HI.

Who is the target audience?
  • A programmer or an enthusiast wanting to learn about creating applications on the cloud using Cloud9 IDE.

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