Learn The Art of Java Programming

A comprehensive guide to Core Java (Java SE) foundations along with insights into the language features with their need.

  • It is handy to have any prior programming knowledge such as C, but having said that this course includes the lectures that cover programming basics.
  • Should possess eternal appetite to learn the language

Let me begin with few myths about Java Programming,

  •  Programming is difficult
  •  Java is tough 🙂

According to me when we try to figure out the root cause for them, it will boil down to the lack of clarity in programming fundamentals, applying a feature depends on how clear we are about its origin and need, in simple words “Why we need it?”. 

This course teaches you the language features through

  • Explanations with simple examples
  • Then analysing the feature with its variations and need.

From Java developer perspective one need to be good at

  • Programming fundamentals
  • Clear knowledge about Object Oriented Programming features
  • Building loosely coupled code
  • Coding for interfaces and customizable code
  • Using Collections effectively

This course targets all the above points with simplified examples, let me be clear I won’t be solving complex programming problems here, it will be simple, but will try to ignite your thought through analysis about the need for that feature and its application with in the Java API itself. I strongly believe if you are thorough at basics, you can apply them in solving the complex problems.

This course contains explanations through white screen and code demonstrations through eclipse, in an attempt to give you a classroom feel.

Do keep a tab on Coming up section for the list of contents lined up.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for those technology enthusiasts who are looking to learn Java language features with their need and application with in language.
  • This course is for those who are looking to learn Object Oriented Programming through Java along with other essential features.
  • Also for those who are looking to brush up their Core Java (JavaSE) skills.
  • It is NOT for those who are already good at Java.
  • It is NOT for those who are looking to learn the language with complicated programming problems, this course keeps it simple.

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