Learn JShell with Java 9 – Step by Step

Master JShell – The most important Java 9 new feature


JShell is a new feature in Java 9 which allows you to run code quickly and easily. In this course, you will learn how to use Java REPL JShell to become a more productive programmer. You will learn how to explore Java with JShell and understand the various JShell commands. Added in are tips and tricks to make you a JShell expert.

Here are the step by step details:

  • Introduction to JShell
  • Installing and Launching JShell
  • JShell Basics – Java Variables and Expressions
  • JShell Basics – Few important tips
  • JShell Commands – list, drop and history
  • JShell Basics – Multiple Lines
  • JShell Tip – Implicit or Scratch Variables and Feedback options
  • JShell Basics – Java Methods
  • JShell Basics – Java Imports
  • JShell Tip – Forward Referencing
  • JShell Basics – Java Class
  • JShell Basics – Java Auto completion
  • More JShell Tips : Exceptions, var, methods and types Commands and Help
  • Saving and Reloading JShell Sessions
  • JShell – Setting Custom Start Options
  • JShell – Playing around with an External Library
  • More JShell Tips
Who is the target audience?
  • You are a good Java Programmer and want to learn the most important new feature in Java 9 – JShell
  • You want to become more productive at exploring Java APIs and Libraries

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