Learn Intricate C programming – Making multiple paths

The control structures will make you able to decide which part should execute first.


About Course
C language also gives you this facility of making decisions according to circumstances. Up till now we have developed programs whose flow are sequential, means line written first, executes first. This is not the simple case in serious program. For serious programming you have to be able to make decisions, the decision control structures will make you able to decide which part should execute first. The decision control instructions can be implemented in C by using.
if statement
if-else statement
switch case structure
I highly recommend you to do the coding on your own in order to learn Decision and case Control Structures strongly. The C programming language is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages. It is a general-purpose programming language and there are very few computer systems in existence that are not set up for its use.

The curriculum consists of five modules. Each module consists of video content that may be used as-is or adapted for use in courses.

How long will it take to complete
1. Students are advised not to cover more than one section per day.
2. 2 sections, 5 lectures, short course of approx 1 hr in length with crisp information about the subject.

Kind of Course Material
1. The course is dynamic in nature, its a living entity. I will keep on changing the material according to students feedback.
2. I have avoided too much text without a break, vary activities, and have kept it light and fun. Incorporated a lot of color, small animations, video clips, sound, etc.
3. High quality video content with industry oriented examples.
4. Real life essential tricks and skills.

Structured Course
A perfect blend of theory and programming.

Do I need to take this course ?
1. C programming language is a basic language and all other programming languages are derived from it such as C++, Java, Python, etc.
2. This is the specific course that addresses the specific modules of C Programming in good detail.
3. Students are not required to refer to text books after completing this course.
4. Students will learn how programming languages work with data, what program flow is, and Decision and case Control Structures.
5. Helps in improving grades in college curriculum and at the final Campus Interview.

Who is the target audience?
  • Software Engineers with little or no Programming experience
  • IT professionals
  • Students who are at beginning level in programming language.

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