JavaScript – Object Oriented Programming

JavaScript – Object Oriented Programming made ridiculously easy

Course Description

I have over 20 years programming experience but more importantly I teach multiple programming courses at the University Level. I am a professional at teaching people to program. I know what questions and problems students will have before they even know themselves.  Therefore I have designed the course to take you straight through the most difficult programming concepts and the student never even knew it was a difficult topic.   However with my vast industry programming experience I also know what you need to know for a successful programming career position.

The best way to learn Object Oriented Programming has traditionally been a step process across programming languages first learn JavaScript then learn another Programming language that supports full Object Oriented Programming.  I am very excited about JavaScript ES5 and ES6 combined this lets you learn immediately the step process from prototype to classes quickly at the same time.  The results of this OOP teaching style that I have recently developed has had astounding results in the classroom as students learn Object Oriented Programming easier and quicker than ever before.  The OOP concepts and skills that you learn in this course is a starting point and transferable to any programming language.  Join the ranks of developers that understand Object Oriented Programming today.

Please Note this course is focused on learning to Program in JavaScript specifically concentrating on learning Object Oriented Programming using inheritance with both Prototypes and Classes.  If you are new to Object oriented Programming or you have had trouble with Object Oriented Programming then this course is for you.  This course does not assume background or provide any information regarding .html .css or webpage design.  These are separate topics in which the student may have knowledge or acquire knowledge later to use in conjunction with JavaScript skills..

What are the requirements?

  • Student should have access to a Computer and Internet access
  • Student should have basic computer skills.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Perform basic programming concepts and prepare for an interview for a career as a programmer.
  • Students will learn Objected Oriented Programming using my Advanced refined teaching techniques.

Who is the target audience?

  • JavaScript for Everybody who wants to learn Object Oriented Programming
  • Anyone that wants to learn or improve JavaScript with the goal of landing a position programming with JavaScript

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