Introduction to QGIS Python Programming

Learn how to analyze and display geospatial information using QGIS and Python

Course Description

QGIS is a standalone geographical information system — that is, an application for viewing, analyzing and editing geospatial data. This video course shows how to leverage QGIS as a tool for developing geospatial applications using Python. Geospatial applications are often very complicated; using QGIS, you can avoid a lot of this complexity by developing at a higher level, making use of many of the tools for viewing, analyzing and editing geospatial data that are provided by the QGIS system. Using these tools, you can build more sophisticated geospatial applications with less time and effort.

About The Author

Erik Westra has been a professional software developer for over 25 years, and has worked almost exclusively in Python for the past decade. Erik’s early interest in graphical user interface design led to the development of one of the most advanced urgent courier dispatch systems used by messenger and courier companies worldwide. In recent years, Erik has been involved in the design and implementation of systems matching seekers and providers of goods and services across a range of geographical areas, as well as real-time messaging, payment and identity systems. This work has included the creation of real-time geocoders and map-based views of constantly changing data. Erik is based in New Zealand, and works for companies worldwide.Erik is the author of the Packt titles Python Geospatial Development (third edition), Python Geospatial Analysis, Building Mapping Applications with QGIS, and Modular Programming with Python.

What are the requirements?

  • No experience with the QGIS system or knowledge of geospatial concepts is required.
  • A logically arranged, step-by-step guide that firstly helps you get up to speed with the QGIS ecosystem and then gets right into showing how Python can be used with QGIS to analyse solve various geospatial problem.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Getting familiarized with QGIS
  • The different ways to make Python interact with QGIS
  • The different ways to make Python interact with QGIS Examining the QGIS Python Console to see how it can be used as a window into the world of QGIS Python Programming
  • Diving deeper into the details of the QGIS Python APIW
  • Writing Python programs that work with QGIS

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is aimed at experienced Python developers who want to create their own sophisticated geospatial applications with a minimum of fuss.

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