DNA Hacking with Swift 4 | Xcode 9

An Introduction To Bioinformatics


DNA Hacking with Swift 4 | Xcode 9 : An Introduction to Bioinformatics starts the student off with a crash course on DNA. The student will then learn how to preprocess and save datasets from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) like the included 4 datasets in the NCBI dataset file included with this course. The student will learn BioSwift, a set of custom code snippet collections used for biological computation written in pure Swift. The student will learn to build and save custom code snippets and Swift “biocollections” for current as well as future bioinformatics projects written in pure Swift.

You will learn how to use BioSwift and its biocollections to help you research

  • Statistics
  • Datasets
  • Genomes
  • Neucleotides
  • Chromosomes
  • mRNA
  • DNA sequences.
Who is the target audience?
  • Apple Developers interested in Data Science with emphasis on DNA

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