Creating Cross Platform Games with Xamarin

Create fun cross platform mobile games easily with a unified code base


This course will be using C# and Xamarin in Visual Studio to first create a simple crossplatform engine before create a 2D platforming game for iOS and Android. UsingXamarin, it is now easier than ever to have a unified code base that can be used for allof the major mobile platforms and it allows the developer to have more freedom andcontrol on how to create their game as opposed to other available engines. One of the main challenges is creating code that needs to perform the same functionalitybut differs for each different platform. This project will show the reader how to utiliseshared projects in Visual Studio to create classes that will perform this functionality.Another difficulty is the loading of assets which need to be saved in different locations foreach platform – this course will show the reader how to create code that will retrieveassets from different locations based on which platform is currently being targeted. Thecourse will also show how to create a game from start to finish and how to overcome anyobstacles that can arise during development. There will be 3 main stages to the course – creating the engine, creating the game, andthe final touches before releasing. The creating the engine stage will walk the viewerthrough creating a simple cross platform renderer for 2D games, as well as a way ofhandling audio and basic state system. The next stage will then create a 2D platformerstarting with designing the game to implementing all the character’s movements andenemy interactions as well as a simple menu system. The final stage will then show theviewer how to monetise their app and add analytics and achievements/leaderboardsbefore showing how to release the game on both app stores.

About the Author

Amerigo Moscaroli is a Senior Software Developer at Mazooma Interactive.

Who is the target audience?
  • The course is targeted at those who have working knowledge of C# and wish to create multiplatform mobile games in a C#.

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