Create photorealistic videos & images using REVIT+Twinmotion

Create stunning 3D animated videos and images with REVIT and Twinmotion. The ultimate guide for Twinmotion. A real appli


Creating photo-realistic images and animation videos have been always difficult for every architect and artist, until the real-time visualization software appeared.

There is a plenty of those real-time visualization softwares now in our field, however not all of them are focusing on the architectural visualization part. Except from Twinmotion!

After more than 4 years of using Twinmotion, I decided to create this course in order to teach you the basics of the software and also my workflow in how to work between REVIT and Twinmotion.

Having the knowledge of a software like that, will give you a big push in your career path (believe me in that 🙂 )

By using the skill of rendering using Twinmotion; you can save a lot of money for your firm, your project or even you can make a lot of money if you decided to work as a freelancer! ( I have done it already 😉 )

With Twinmotion you manipulate your model directly in 3D, as in a game. Choose how to move, the speed and mode:  walking, driving, flying or a step-by-step immersive “walkthrough.”

The interface with chronological tabs continuously guides you. The logic behind Twinmotion allows you to progress step-by-step in the construction of the scene. From the perspective to orthographic views, you can observe your project from any angle. For even more precision, access the Object manager and its advanced features to customize your workspace.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone wants to learn how to create beautiful images and videos easily directly from REVIT using Twinmotion

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