BigData Hands On: Hive, HiveMall, AWS Lambda, Solr, and Hue.

Learn important BigData tricks to quickly find a technical solution to any task your client or your employer gives you.


This course is for people who want to learn how to do things, not just to fill their heads with important concepts, paradigms, and heaps of information they kind of know but have no idea how to use.

The course presents solutions for the problems that occurred repeatedly during the time i worked on different BigData projects. Learning solutions to small common tasks allowed me to form a technical approach to each newer task faster. Time after time i could worry less about the bits and pieces i have already seen before, and focus on researching those things which represented an obstacle for this newer task. With the time that gave me extra confidence and an ability to use acquired knowledge as building blocks for new technical solutions.

The course shows how mastering small things gives you an ability to create a simple solution to almost every problem from concept to delivery.

We start with importing data to Apache Hive correctly, and slowly progress to an ability to quickly deliver results of your work as an AWS service, a Search Engine service, or a Hue dashboard.

The course shows data processing with Hive (also teaching how to write User Defined Functions for Hive of different levels of complexity: UDF, GenericUDF, UDAF and UDTF), it shows an application of Machine Learning to Text Classification using HiveMall, and then exporting data from Hive to Solr Search Engine and via Solr Search Engine to Hue Dashboard. You will also learn how to write an AWS Lambda that runs Hive.

All together that gives you an ability to build a simple data processing pipeline. A data pipeline that is simple, robust and ready to be delivered and used in no time.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who has done at least one introductory BigData course.
  • People who think they know it all will most probably learn something new too.

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