Become a Bootstrap Expert: Build 20 Layouts! (Version 2)

Follow along as we build 20 complete layouts in Bootstrap 3 and 4!


Bootstrap is the standard in modern web development.

It is a mobile ready web development framework for HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

It is also the fastest way to build a website that works on any device, and learning it is easy.

In this course, all our experience in working with this awesome framework is structured in an easy to learn and accessible manner.

There are 20 full websites that we will build in this course. There are over 30 hours of video in the course, so it is probably one of the most in-depth courses on front-end web development.

Here is a list of layouts we will be building:

My Portfolio – A simple Portfolio to get introduced to some of bootstrap’s functionality

Daria Layout – With this layout we will dive straight in into making a completely custom layout.

Healthy Blog – A layout for a health-related blog, with a transparent nav and a large header image, using panel component for blog entries and colorful sidebars.

(More information to be added here as the course progresses)

With all of these website layouts being built from scratch, and with the content constantly updated to the newest Bootstrap version, you have great value in this course.

Who is the target audience?
  • Novice web designers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone interested in front-end development
  • Anyone who wants to learn to code

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