AWS Administration

Want to get started with Basics of AWS? Learn the most demanding skill of 2017 in Easy way.


This is the most popular skill which one should have in 2017 without a doubt. Every company/organization ranging from small scale to large is slowly moving to AWS. It has 33% share in the world of cloud i.e. more than the sum of shares of Google, Microsoft.

Cloud is nothing but “a model of IT”. Believe me , It is not a technology or a solution but a shared Infrastructure hosted at multiple locations of the world. AWS is a market leader so one must know how can we learn the basics and operate or maintain this AWS for setting our business or a site.

So, let’s get started, I have currently added ~4 hours of rich content which includes 21 Theory and Labs so that you can login in AWS and practically do the things.

It is a Basic course for Beginners at the moment. So, if you have never logged in AWS or just heard of this Word or want to take a look on how is the GUI or CLI then you must Take this course.

I will be adding many lectures with  the passage of time. I request all of you to give feedback of the course to me via Feedback panel or by texting me one to one.

If you think any of the lectures is Not clear then let me know, I will re-record and update it.

I’ve kept it’s price very low for time being, so take advantage of it.

My current Rating is 4.5 Overall with over 3000 students all over the world.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who want to build their careers in AWS
  • Students who want to learn and administer AWS Cloud
  • Students will be able to Login in console and will be able to manage it’s operation and Services

Full Details : [ Take Course Now ]

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