Advanced level javascript with event handler

Object Oriented Javascript


Do you want to go beyond just a Scripting Language, This course will help you to do that.Do you want to know how to use libraries in JavaScript to be more efficient while coding?

In this course you will not only learn all the core Object Oriented Programming concepts, but you will also learn how and when to transfer those concepts into programming languages such as JavaScript.This course is unique as there are real life examples are used to demonstrate every example.

Enroll yourself in this course, If you need to know why Code Re-Use and Recycling is important and  how Good Design reduces flaws and how an Object Oriented Program is much easier to modify and maintain than a non-Object Oriented Program.

This Course will help you to improve you coding style, get that new job or just understand the concepts used by professionals today then this course is for you.

Enroll yourself and take your career to the next level in web development  by using object oriented JavaScript.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who want to make career in IT.
  • IT professionals who wants to learn Object Oriented part of JavaScript.
  • This course is meant for new programmers.

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